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How Do I Get My House Smelling Fresh?  

Most people, when they want a carpet cleaning service, also look for upholstery cleaning. This enables them to get them both cleaned together. Carpet cleaning can sometimes be a difficult job, unless you find carpet cleaners that are equipped to handle even the most delicate carpet or rugs, no matter what the fabric.

What should you look for in a good carpet or upholstery cleaning service in Panama City, FL? Below, we, at Tammy's Pro Clean, listed just a few ideas to help you.

  • Professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning companies should first come to your residence to assess the items and recommend what needs to be done.
  • Professional carpet and upholstery cleaners will provide you with a quote. Be careful if an estimate is offered, as it is not binding, as in the case of a quote.
  • Expert carpet cleaners should only use products that are friendly to the environment, whenever possible.
  • All carpet cleaners and upholstery cleaners should provide you with a written guarantee.
  • Carpet cleaning experts should first vacuum your carpet.
  • Moving furniture, depending on the size, should also be included in the price.
  • Pre-treat carpets is or upholstery should be included!
  • Difficult spots, stains, or odours may need additional time and treatment. Any extra charge should first be discussed with the customer before work commences.
  • All cleaning jobs should be completed, not left till the next day, as this may cause the carpet or upholstery to be different in color.

To narrow down the field when looking for a 2 in 1 cleaning service, start by asking friends for their recommendations. Once you have got enough names, start to contact them and get quotes.

Ask pertinent questions, like are the chemicals used safe for children, or any household pets. How long does the whole process take? What timescale will you be looking at, before it’s dry enough to use. Is stain protection included in the price, and if not how much extra does it cost? Can they handle delicate fabrics, or wool carpets, without causing shrinkage?

For a quote call Tammy's Pro Clean, based in Panama City, FL at (850) 819-1947. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.