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For high-quality carpet, tile, and upholstery cleaning, please call Tammy's Pro Clean. Located in Panama City, FL we are one of the leading carpet, tile and upholstery cleaning providers in the area, servicing Panama City, Panama City Beach, Lynn Haven, Callaway, Tyndall Air Force Base, Southport, Youngstown, and more. If you are interested in our services in a particular area, don’t hesitate to ask!

Carpet Cleaner

Our specialized staff is highly trained to fit almost any need. Our specialties include, but are not limited to:

  • Carpets
  • Tile
  • Upholstery
  • Balconies
  • Wool Rugs
  • Pressure cleaning
  • Pet Stains
  • Red Wine Removal
  • Cars
  • Boats

We have been offering professional cleaning services to customers in Bay County for the past eight years. Our staff is highly skilled and will ensure your satisfaction. We also provide a professional tile and upholstery cleaning service for the comfort of our customers. Our carpet cleaning service comes at competitive rates that define its affordability.

On top of that, we offer a 10% discount for military personnel in the region. We also offer a special Monthly discount if you apply. Call us now and find out how can you get it today!

Hire us to receive high-quality carpet cleaning and you will not be disappointed.

In addition to the capable carpet cleaners that will tackle any contamination on your carpets, we also offer a service that is handled by the use of 100% allergy-free, green products. That way we are certain that you will be satisfied with the service you receive and you will not have to worry about dangerous chemicals contaminating your environment. Trust our professionals with the cleaning of your carpets, tiles and upholstery and you will receive the ultimate satisfaction!

We, at Tammy’s Pro Clean, know that in order to offer a professional carpet cleaning service, we need to utilize top-grade equipment. For that reason, our service is carried out with the help of powerful, state-of-the-art machines that provide outstanding results. The cleaning machine will cleanse your carpets and our high-quality vacuum system will take care of the moisture. Our qualified professionals know how to operate the machinery and you can rest assured you will receive an impeccable service.

Our carpet cleaning is an affordable service that we offer to customers in the area.

At Tammy’s Pro Clean, our highly qualified employees will provide you with a professional tile cleaning service in a reliable and timely manner and the environmentally friendly products we use will assure the safety of your kids and pets. You will receive our services at a convenient and affordable price that will leave you satisfied.

You may think that your carpets are all clean and they do not need cleaning, but you may be wrong. They often work like air filters and collect all kinds of dirt, allergens, bacteria and dust. Although invisible to the naked eye, these contaminants pollute your air and you inhale them every day. To improve the quality of the air you are breathing, make sure you clean your carpets every 6 months – hire Tammy’s Pro Clean!

Tammy's Pro Clean is a company that provides high-quality carpet and upholstery cleaning services in the region of Panama City, FL. Contact us to receive our outstanding service at your convenience!

The Areas Our Carpet Cleaner Serves

  • Lynn Haven, FL
  • Panama City Beach, FL
  • Callaway, FL
  • Tyndall Air Force Base, FL
  • Southport, FL
  • Youngstown, FL

Client Testimonial

by Patti Fletcher on Tammy's Pro Clean
Nice Work

I had my carpets cleaned on one of the worst days in years! But what an unbelievable job their cleaner was able to do at our place! After I was able to clean the path to my house, he was able to get to work and it turned out great. I couldn't be happier with the results of his amazing carpet cleaning service. The price was fair and the results went above my highest expectations. Thank you!

Tammy's Pro Clean
Panama City, FL 32405
Phone: (850) 819-1947

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Tile Cleaning
  • Residential Carpet Cleaning
  • Carpet Repair Patches
  • Stretching Carpet
  • Transitions Strips
  • Persian and Wool Rug

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