About us

Tammy's Pro Clean is a company that has been developing itself in the field of the carpet cleaning service for 8 years. We are a respected company that has been the preferable choice in the area ever since its creation. We offer many other cleaning services, such as tile and upholstery cleaning. Regardless of the reason you have hired us, we always provide an outstanding service.

We believe that carpet cleaning is a service of great importance for the proper maintenance of your home or office. Carpets often look clean, but in most of the cases that is not true. Our employees work with environment-friendly products. That way we can guarantee you a healthy carpet cleaning service that will not pollute your home with chemicals.


Our high quality carpet cleaning comes with an affordable price tag and that is what makes us the preferable choice for you. We will meet your needs and satisfy your concerns. With us, you will get a service that is second to none in the areas of Panama City, Panama City Beach, Lynn Haven, Callaway, Tyndall Air Force Base, Southport, Youngstown, and more.

If you need a company that provides a top grade cleaning service for your needs, Tammy's Pro Clean is the right choice for you. We are located in Panama City, FL and look forward to your call at (850) 819-1947. Contact us today to ensure an impeccable service!